If a census was to be made on photography, we’ll quickly recognize the notorious density of male photographers in the field. Women, on the other hand, have been less popular despite the great talent and commitment they have when talking about our beloved craft. We are mere photography lovers, and we don’t pretend to scrutinize the historiographic methods behind the legacy we’ve all grown towards.

But despite that fact, it is our task to counter-back a little bit about that oddly unfair nature of how things ended building up. And as you folks have already guessed it, the best way…

It is a fact that posthumously discovered photographs made by Vivian Maier has given a lot to talk about street photography after their public appearance in 2011. We wouldn’t dare of talking about Maier without mentioning the controversial efforts made by John Maloof for showcasing her work after stumbling with her photographic cache in 2007. We won’t enter the murky waters of ethics and curatorial methods today either; but is important for you to know that perhaps she wouldn’t be happy at all with how her photographs ended up being available to the public.

There is a high chance that…

Photo by: Federico Alegría

Today we want to talk about our favorite photography genre, street photography!

No other genre in the history of photography has had a more diverse concept than street photography. Therefore, instead of preaching the ultimate definition, I want to share with you folks a very own and personal definition of what is street photography for me.

After ten years of walking with my camera on the streets I just recently understood what street photography really means to me. It is just an approximation to society that materializes in the format of still images. And that’s it. …

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